Sunshine and Snowdrops


snowdrops It is such a joy to see the sun and blue sky today after weeks of rain, even the birds are singing. So, inspired by cousin Antonia Bolingbrook Kent (@AntsBK), the intrepid writer, adventurer and broadcaster, I thought I’d contribute to #BigGardenBirdwatch. So far I’ve listed a magie, 2 blackbirds, some fat pigeons and a LBJ (little brown job). I thought there would be a few pheasants in the garden but they must all be down the wood thumbing their beaks at us for having survived another shooting season.

And the garden is coming to life: I planted a bank of snowdrops “in the green” with Mum a few years ago; she dug them up after they’d flowered in her wild Devon garden. I hope she can see them from Heaven...