The Sandstone Trail


Yesterday we walked for 5 miles along the famous Sandstone Trail which stretches from Frodsham in the North to Whitchurch in the South; it’s lovely and easy to get to from Mulsford. There are some great hills to test the energetic and sandy paths with spectacular views for people  who like to amble along and get puffed at the very thought of an incline. (Me).

We took Mini, Gordons new rescue puppy who has come all the way from Barbados. She and Digger set a cracking pace. I think there seems to be a different breed of dog walkers here - not a dog lead in sight and a wonderful galloping free for all. They were both quite tired and so to tell the truth was I. 

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It was a very different feel to the more sedate walk on Saturday round Erdig Park near Wrexham. Although the woodland path is beautiful and the birds were singing and the sun was out, it was not quite the rampaging free for all that Digger loves!